Rascal Flatts did Lip Sync

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lip syncing rumors, Confirmed!

Rascal Flatts performed this week at the Academy Country Music Awards (ACM), singing their brand new nation-wide hit “Rewind.”

At the ACM people suspected foul play, saying they were lip syncing! Breaking news reported today that Rascal Flatts indeed “Lip synced.”

Many artists have lip synced in the past, with over twenty concerts every month, an artist’s voice gets weak, and damaged. Where they do repair exercises, it’s not always able to keep working. The artist losses their voice, it’s the harsh reality. That’s what happened to Gary LeVox the week before the performance at the Acm

In order to not have to cancel their performance leading in disappointing fans, Rascal Flatts decided to fake like they were singing, it would have been okay, if they actually were good at it.

Gary confirmed to the rumor saying “We did lip sync, and terribly” Reported by TMZ.

Is it okay for artist to lip sync in order to please fans? Or is it a con?

I am a musician, and before any live performance my voice goes out. It takes a lot of work to keep your voice healthy. Many hours are spend prepping your voice for a fourty-five minute slot. Rascal Flatts had a full list of concerts that they were performing that week, it’s understandable that Gary lost his voice, though it’s not okay to lip sync, it’s understandable!

The reason why its understandable, is because they weren’t trying to lie about it. They came out instantly and admitted to lip-syncing, and they were ready for any punishment giving. They weren’t trying to get ahead of anyone, they didn’t want to let their fans down.

Watch this-


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