R.I.P Creative Blogging!

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Creative Blogging

The End is here

Today before I begin this post, I want to break something to you. I want to bring you guys the best material that I possibly can. The stuff you love, and post that will bring you happiness. Recently, I have been watching the views for this segment suffer horribly.

I don’t want to bug you guys with these posts, if you wouldn’t like to see them. I want to let you guys know that there will be a replacement for Creative blogging though, being introduced next week.

Night Crawler Journals will continue to be posted every Thursday! Thanks for even getting me this far, I hope this success continues and that the new segment does well for you guys! Thank you again!

Quitting that sport!

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

I got your email the other day regarding your son quitting basketball. You asked why he quit; I have your son’s reason.

He came into my office Tuesday with tears in his eyes. I asked him what had him down. He told me that his girlfriend wanted him to quit. He was against it, he wanted to finish out the season, but she insisted that he didn’t.

He continued to tell me more. He said that he was going to be adding something precious to his life, and his relationship.

Mam, I wanted him to tell you but he pleaded for me to tell you. I would rather not tell you, but I will since you approached me; your son is going to be getting married soon.

Now I know he is only twelve but he loves that girl, and I think it’s a good reason to give up on his dreams.

He said that wasn’t the only reason though; this time it was more personal. He sat down at my desk, pulled off his bald cap, and revealed that you have held in the biggest secret.

He is quitting basketball, because he is a girl.

Thank you for your time!

Coach! P.s. Your daughter is dating a girl!


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