Night Crawler Journals Ep. 8: Chasing, My Dear

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals

Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 8: Chasing, My Dear September 22nd, 2018

Charley didn’t sleep a second, in order to make sure Aeron didn’t move. He kept his shotgun pointed at his back. He didn’t light the fire either, making it unbearable for Aeron to sleep. Aeron lied there clinging onto his blanket.

A tear fell from his cheek as the sun made its way through the grey clouds. The light reflects off of the snow and into his eyes, Aeron squints his eyes from the pain.

Aeron rolls over to avoid the intense pain. Quickly he gets up from the log he was sitting on. He heads over to Aeron throws a heavy coat t him, telling him to put it on. At first Aeron just looks at him, Charles request that Aeron puts on the coat as he turns away.

“We will be leaving in five minutes; it’s about three miles away!”

Aeron grunts thinking about the distance, and his condition. He couldn’t make it a mile, let alone three with a sprung ankle. It isn’t possible.

“I can’t. I hurt my ankle.”

Charley stops, and puts the end of his gun in the ground. Charley stares at him as an indication to do as he says. Though he didn’t want to Aeron got up and told him he would be fine to travel. Charley then nods his head in approval.

“Well then, you better hope you can limp!” Charley pushes the tent door out of his way.

Charley reappears, holding a bow and arrow, with an axe on his back, he looked tougher now, like a barbarian ready to battle. His lack of sleep caused black pockets under his eyes, making him appear even scarier.

“What is all that for?” Aeron asks.

“The bow is for you, the axe is to cut down a tree for firewood tonight.”

Aeron gets up from the ground and walks over and grabs the bow from Charley, smiling he tells him “I have always wanted to shoot one of these!”

“Gosh dangit! You have never shot a bow? I’m screwed!” Charley walks away.

Aeron stares at his movement in amazement. How big of a prick can one person be? What could Aeron do about never being able to shoot a bow? Most importantly does this mean that he is off the hook?

The answer came quickly when Charley came back out of his tent holding his double barrel shotgun “Come on.”

They begin to head south at a fast pace, Aeron grasping the bow, is trying to keep up, but doesn’t keep up. They walk for almost three hours, Aeron limping the whole way, nearly crying from the aching pain.

“Here.” Charley screamed.

The area was beautiful; there are over a hundred trees, crammed into each other. It’s amazing how nature works, that the trees can be crammed in so tightly, yet at the same time look even prettier than ones that are spread apart.

From the spot Aeron stood, he spotted a gorgeous black dotted doe. Aeron was in awe at the sight.

“You see that?” Aeron says to Charley, pointing in the direction of the doe. “Go ahead and shoot him with the bow!” Charley demanded.

Aeron starts to walk up the way, as he passes the first tree; a Zombie pops out and grabs Aeron.

Aeron fights him off, pulls out one of his arrows and shoves it through his skull, blood splatters everywhere.

Charley begins to laugh hysterically.

“What the hell?” Aeron throws his bow at Charley, “that could of killed me!”

Charley continues to laugh as he tosses back Aeron’s bow. “Kill him!”

Aeron takes the bow, loads it, and shoots at the deer. The first one misses, again Aeron takes a shot. This time the arrow went into the deer’s leg. The deer flops to the ground, flipping his head back and forth.

Charley runs to the deer, pulls out his hunting knife that he keeps in his gorgeous green multi-pocket jacket, and cut his throat. Aeron looks away, he couldn’t watch the kill.

Charley looks at him, pulls the deer up. There was blood smeared on his face.

“Are you hungry?”untitledzombie


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