Night Crawler Journals Ep. 7: Friendly Fire!

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Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 7: Friendly Fire September 21st, 2018

Aeron wakes up, opening his eyes slightly. Closing his eyes, Aeron hopes for a few more seconds of sleep, but his body wouldn’t let him. The cold bitter wind pierced his bare back, feeling like a thousand needles.

He pushes the blanket back over his back and wraps tighter, but nothing was working. The wind continues to pull the blanket off. He gets up, pushing the pile of snow off of his blanket that fell over the night

He twist his body around to look at the beautiful fire, to see that it has went out. He sighs as he blew hot air into his hands to get them warm.

Getting his hands to bearable heat, Aeron realizes that he is still alone, that the murderer didn’t come back to kill him, he decides to search the rest of the camp.

He makes his way over to the tent, hoping to find some kind of food in the blue ice cooler. As he unzips the tent, he feels an object pressed against his back.

“Step back, son!” an old male demanded

His voice sounded southern, a accent that Aeron hasn’t heard in a long time. In Dummond he was told that Texas was infected and that they were going to be heading up the country. He always questioned why they would want to come to the colder region, but he was always stumped by the phrase “Everywhere is cold!”

“Sir, this isn’t what it looks like” Aeron said

“It looks like you want something of mine, am I right?”

“No! I just need food.” Aeron turns around slowly as he raises his hands in surrender, the man smiles.

“Well I got no food, I missed my chance, well I do got that girl?”

“You monster” Aeron shouts.

“She tried to loot me, I raped and killed her!”

The old male starts to walk towards Aeron, Aeron steps back each time. The male gets up to Aeron and puts out his hand. Aeron flinches.

“My name is Charley, people called me Crazy Charles, well before this shit, ya’know.”

“I wonder why!” Aeron smarted off.

“You got jokes! Just remember who has the gun!”

Aeron quickly says sorry, and shakes his hand. Charley begins to examine Aeron’s wound from the Crawler days earlier. He steps back in horror, nearly falling.

“You infected, boy?” Charley pushes Aeron away from him, then pulls out his gun and puts it to Aeron’s face.

“Dude, it’s from the crawler’s fingers, chill!” The man circles around him, moving his eyes up and down Aeron’s body. Aeron stands as still as he can, but the wind is still blowing, making it hard for him to not shiver.

Charley lowers the gun and looks into Aeron’s eyes, seeing that he was sincerely telling the truth, he begins to talk.

“I lost a deer! You will help me, or I will kill you. You have enough meat for them lunatics to eat; that’s if we get caught” A dark laugh leaves his mouth.

“You’re going to use me as bait, you dick!”

Aeron throws a solid punch, forcing Charley to the ground. Anger was controlling Aeron’s actions, he wasn’t about to let some old man use him as zombie bait! Charley wipes off his mouth, and quickly grabs Aeron’s feet and throws him to the ground.

Charley grabs his neck and squeezes tightly “You really want to die, don’t you?”

Aeron looks into his eyes as he struggles to breathe, they were black. Aeron didn’t know what this guy’s story was, but just by the look of his eyes, he didn’t want to.

Charley stops squeezing, takes Aeron’s long black hair and pulls it bring Aeron’s head off the ground, then slams it back down. The impact leaves Aeron struggling to move.

“You will help me with my deer, than I will kill you, you hear me?”

Charley sits on the wood, watching Aeron still struggle to catch his breath.


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