Night Crawler Journals Ep. 6: Camped Out!

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals, Uncategorized

Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 6: Camped Out! September 20th, 2018

Unzipping the tent, Aeron peaks his head through the door, pulling his head out Aeron turns around and lets out the remains he had in his stomach from Dummond.

It was his last meal; Spaghetti and ham. They didn’t have any beef to make meatballs, so Aeron gave the idea of ham in the place of meatballs.

Aeron starts to faint, slowly moving backwards closer to the fire. He falls to the ground after stepping down on his sprung ankle, pain viciously attacking. He lies on his back for a few seconds, until the pain is bearable again, and then stands back to his feet.

Aeron walks back over to the tent and unzips the door fully. The sight was horrible, unhuman; and disgusting. There was a girl, but she wasn’t alive. Someone must have killed her!

Her body was mutilated, tore apart, from the inside out. Her heart was closest to Aeron, followed by her feet, hands, lungs. At the far end of the tent, her head sat as a trophy on the sicko’s cooler. She looks twenty, give or take a few years, but overall she looks innocent.

Her huge grizzly green eyes are glassed over. Her lips a navy blue; and her hair bloody blonde. She is an attractive girl, raising Aeron’s suspicion of why someone would do this? And is the killer still alive? If he is, should Aeron leave before they get back?

Aeron struggles to decide; was this needed? Did she deserve this punishment? Or was this her tent?

Aeron decides that he will wait until morning for the owner to come back. He could be sane, with materials to give, possibly food. Aeron couldn’t let the chance slip past him.

Aeron limps over to the fire, and lays down. Looking at the flames depart as they break at the end, and evaporate in the air, Aeron seems happy, but he is struggling to keep back all the tears from the inside.

Aeron grabs his blanket from his bag and wraps tightly, he slips into a deep sleep, as the fires heat connects with his face.

Aeron knows that he isn’t home yet, but this would do for the duration of time.


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