Night Crawler Journals EP. 4: The Crawler!

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Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 4: The Crawler September 19th, 2018

Bam! Thump! Aeron’s body slams against a tree then continues down the hill. Whack! Smack! His body connects with another log in the way. Seeing another tree in his way Aeron tries to stop; but it didn’t help, while he attempts to stop, his momentum trips him up.

His body went forward, Aeron’s face smashes into the tree, pain fills Aeron’s head, a feeling that he hadn’t felt in almost a year, since his old group.

He ends the wild trip at the bottom of the hill, where he lies on his back and tried to relax, feeling the rush of blood coming out from his head. Aeron tries to stay awake, in attempt of not freezing, but it quickly fails, he slips away.

As he came back to Consciousness, he hears a screech, one that he recognized from a few seconds before. After falling down the hill, hitting a few trees on the way, and ending on his face; the Crawler was getting up from the ground.

Aeron got a clear look at the Crawler: he had white eyes that made his blue face look even darker, even with all the blood that covered his face, the Crawler still looked like a human.


The sound was high pitch that sounded like a twister warning piercing Aeron’s ears. Aeron attempts to cover his ears, realizing he can’t move. Aeron begins to panic.

“Shit, Help!” Aeron calls for help. The Crawler turned around and locked eyes with Aeron.

“Eerruhhh!” The Crawler approaches Aeron.

With each step the Crawler took, Aeron attempted to get away. His body started losing up; enough for him to scoot away.

The Crawler let out another screech, echoing through Aeron’s eardrums, this time being louder than before. Aeron remembering that was the sign he was about to attack, Aeron knew he had to do something fast.

Aeron looks around for any type of weapon. Putting his hand in the snow, Aeron searches for a sharp rock, but as he searches, he finds a thick tree branch. Grasping the tree limb, Aeron swings at the Crawlers head.

Miss! The Crawlers instincts forced him to move back, in time, as the limb passes his head.

Again Aeron swings, this time it hits the Crawler, stumbling back he catches his balance.

Reaching towards Aeron the Crawler tries to grasp ahold of his shirt. Crack! The end of the branch shatters, pieces fly everywhere, including striking the Crawlers face.

Being ticked off, the Crawler pins Aeron’s left arm on the ground, pushing his razor-sharp nails threw his flesh. Aeron screams in agony. After Screeching the Night Crawler, Aeron closes his eyes grasp ahold of the branch praying the end isn’t near.


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