Night Crawler Journals Ep 3: Before the Break

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Night Crawler Journals

Ep. 3: Before the Break April 12th, 2011

Before the outbreak, before the evacuations, before the fear, before everything went to hell; Aeron was living the happy life. Aeron lived in a small house in the middle of Nebreska. The area was perfect, it might not have been the hottest, as Aeron wanted, but it was a place he could start his family.

“Are you almost ready? We are going to be late!” Aeron asked as he walked through his house, loosing up his belt buckle. “It’s just dinner, Aeron!” Tonight marked four years being together, Aeron wasn’t planning on being late, after begging the fanciest place in town for a table.

“How much do you have left!” Aeron annoying questioned as he walked in their room. Taylor still wasn’t ready, she was staring at the dress that was left out last night. Aeron began to get mad

“What the hell are you doing? I made these reservations for us, to celebrate four years being married, and you act is if you don’t even care!”

She laughed.

“What’s funny? I don’t want this tonight.”

“Aeron, you act like you are the best man alive, you think I care about some fancy place in the middle of town? You have no idea what I like, but Ryan does!” Aeron left.

Ryan is Taylors’ co-worker, one that she spends a lot of her free-time with. Aeron has accused her in the past of cheating, but she always denies it. She told Aeron that he was just being paranoid.

Then in the middle of July, Aeron had made special plans. He went to the flower shop, got two dozen of pink roses, a giant bear, and twenty hand crafted pieces of chocolate. He planned on surprising her, since she thought he was still at work.

He arrived home. Aeron noticed there was a strange car in the neighbor’s parking lot, one that looked like Ryan’s’. Aeron ignored the car, and entered his house, the door had been left unlocked, being annoyed, Aeron ran up the stairs.

He opened the door to see his wife; mounting another man. Aeron felt his gut tighten, his heart fully melted, it felt like an ice-cream cone in the middle of June. Aeron stood there astonished by the lack of commitment that his wife was showing in this act of lust.

Throwing down the roses, Aeron left the room. Hearing that there was another person in the room, Taylor jumped of Ryan, and walked towards the door. Aeron came back in the room and pushed her. Buckling from under pressure, she hit the ground. Pulling out a gun, Aeron pointed at his wife; Bang!

The ring from the gun, rang threw his now conscious body. Aeron slowly came back to his senses, as he laid face up on the muddy ground. He looked over to see the Crawler was making his way to him. Aeron couldn’t move. His arms wouldn’t budge from the position they were in. The Crawler was now nearly on top of him, opening his mouth the Crawler went in for his meal! Aeron screamed.


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