Night Crawler Journals Ep. 2: On the Road Again!

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals, Uncategorized

Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 2: On the road again September 18th, 2018

“Let me back in!” Aeron screamed as he began to bang on the: cold, hard door. No one answered him, but he could hear them laughing at his failed attempt on the other side. His blood began to boil due to lack of respect that he was getting.

“Don’t do this!” Aeron begged, there was still no response, just the continuous reign of laughter. Aeron kicked the door one last time before he moved on.

Aeron tried to find his way to the highway, walking through three feet of snow that was still pilling up. It never was this bad, the snow usually would get to one foot then slowly melt throughout the week before the next pile came in, but this storm had been going for almost two weeks, with no promise or sign of letting up.

“Shit, its cold out here!” Aeron muttered through his now frozen lips. His body had already begun to freeze over. Before he left the town he happened to get a glance at the thermometer. It was -21 outside, the lowest it has been in weeks.

Aeron arrived to the exit of Dummond sign, indicating that he was on the highway. The highway didn’t have a lot of snow on it; it seemed as if the Boomers, or the weather control, cleared the road earlier that day.

Aeron sat down on the highway, pulled out his blanket, and wrapped himself up. The pair of pants that he was given seven months ago when he arrived in Dummond wasn’t enough to keep the freezing cold from his skinny legs. He spent a few minutes shivering, tears formed then left again.

From fear of freezing to death, Aeron decided that he should get moving again. He had to find a house, one with heat, or he would surely die by the end of the night. Aeron got up from the ground, as he looked up he saw one. It must be getting dark, the crawlers must of made their way out.

Crawlers have frost bite venom, which is the worse. It infects you with a virus, one that will make your body shut down. It will tighten your muscles to where any movement will feel like your breaking your bones. Then once you’re unable to move, it kills your bodily functions, usually by then your frozen though.

Aeron, out of desperation, crawled close to the tree line. As he made his way to the tree line, the Crawler saw him. Making a loud screech the Crawler began to run at Aeron with his hands out.

“Oh sh..” Aeron screamed, as he spoke the zombie slipped on a piece of ice, falling to the ground. Trying to control his horrified laughter, Aeron started to run into the trees, Aeron looked back to see if the Crawler made his ay back to his feet, as he did, Aeron tripped over a tree stump.

It was twenty feet down, each foot it seemed Aeron made connection with another tree. When he reached the bottom of the hill, Aeron was bleeding from nearly every limb. The loss of blood made Aeron loopy, his eyes went dark. He laid there motionless.


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