Impromt’s Top Ten: Why to wait for marriage!

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Impromts Top Ten

Why to wait for marriage!

I am currently, four short months away from marrying the love of my life, so this post might seem a little strange to my viewers, but stick with me through this. I use to attend this church, it was a great place, but they did say one thing that I didn’t agree with. They thought people should marry so that they wouldn’t fall into lust and have pre-marital sex. Isn’t that the problem though?

I took a step back from the picture of marriage and realized why people weren’t lasting. Each marriage has one of the five problems below! Having a problem with your marriage? Find out why! Want to get married? Wait until you finish this post, to see if you are in the right position to take that kind of step!!

1. Money is the devil of divorce!- An average wedding cost is 25,200. That’s a pretty big chunk of piggy bank change to throw at one ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth it, I don’t think I would put myself in that much debt for one day. Couples fall apart when they begin to stress about debt, and how much they have. It’s smart to save marriage for when you can pay for most of the ceremony with cash.

2. Knowing Love- People marry to make love at times, not to know the power of love. It’s the truth; people don’t care about love anymore. I have heard stories of people that got married because they were tired of being alone. Love no longer has a say in why people get married, it’s the last thing they will check before they get married.

3. Building yourself- I took a full year to think about everything except relationships. It was what I called “Me-time.” It helped me figure out what I needed to work on, and to fix the things that were wrong. With a girlfriend, you form yourself around her. Without knowing yourself you can’t love. You must first love yourself before you can possibly love another human.

4. Enjoy Singleness- For the love of God, please for the sake of the human race, READ THIS! Stop trying to marry your first girlfriend. Stop worrying about trying to be in a relationship, people have over twenty years to marry. So take a step back from the dating scheme and spend time, falling in love with things that you love. More importantly, fall in love with yourself!

5. Live First- This concept is close to number four. When I say live, I mean finish anything that you haven’t. A bucket-list is a great place to start. Have you wanted to go sky-diving? Go! Have you never been fishing? Go! It’s important to have your own memories, some with your friends. So when you get married you can have talks about everything you have done with your life. It will make your marriage more exciting and lively. Live early, make mistakes, and be happy!

It will be better if you take these five things into mind before you tie the knot. Remember that money is the devil, you must know love to get married, building yourself is crucial, enjoy your life while your single, and live! Live! Live! Live while you still have a chance!

Thank you!

-Impromt Dude

Next post: And why I didn’t wait.



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