Impromt’s Top Ten: Why people go to church on easter!

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Impromts Top Ten, Uncategorized

Why people only go to church on Easter

With Easter behind us, I wanted to take a look at something that use to bother me, majorly. Have you ever noticed that everyone goes to church on Easter and Christmas, yet fail to attend the rest of the year?

I have put together five good reasons of why people only go to church on Easter and Christmas, Enjoy!

1. Their kids-I have seen parents go from partiers to saints, once they have kids! They want the best for their kids, so they send them to church. Then on Easter/Christmas, the kids drag their parents to church, as they did to them, to make them watch their program. Whether it is an egg hunt, or the birth of Jesus play. Parent’s hearts will melt as they see their child playing the part!

2. Their family- I remember when my grandmother would attend my church with me and my dad, only on Easter or Christmas. With Holidays that are special, I have found that you want to spend them with people that are special to your heart also.

3. Convenience- Before I had a job, I use to love to get up bright-and-early and rush to church. But now I open my store every Sunday, making it impossible to go to church on Sundays. On top of that I also have to close my store on Wednesdays, ruining my plans to go to Mid-week service also.

Since most people are off of work during the holidays, that’s when they get their suits on and attend a church that their jobs keep them from the rest of the year. With many different service times, this becomes very easy!

4. Not use to going every Sunday- I was listening to the news and they began to talk about how people use to only attend church every other week. This makes sense; people haven’t been taught that going to church every-week is needed, so they only go when there are special services.

5. Nicer Church Goers on Easter- I wanted to save this for the end so I could spend just a few more words.

I use to be the greeter at my church, the intern, the cleaner, the sound booth technician, the computer runner and a strong part of the prayer team.

Each Easter/Christmas I would get specific instructions: “Make the people feel like they are the only thing that matters, besides Jesus.” Meaning, ‘You better make them come back!’

Churches will make special arrangements to cater the one time goers, so they can feel obligated to enter the building the next week, and it works!

People love to feel wanted; they want the attention of another human being.

So when a church puts four greeters at the door, every person gets a warm hug and a friendly smile, making it pleasant to be at church.

You might not be a church goer, but when your family is in town, your kids have a program, or it’s convenient to go. You find yourself sitting glassy eyed in the back pew, regretting not grabbing that coffee at Casey’s, listening to the preacher tell you wonderful news, that Jesus is Risen!!

Thank you,

Impromt Dude!

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