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I am quitting blogging due to: Views and Rejection!

After two months of blogging, I probably have received only 200 views/clicks to my blog. Should I quit? Or should I take it like a man and go on with more post? Should I post more? Or should I take time away from this activity? Is Rejection enough to make me quit?

First, Let me talk to you guys about why I blog. There are three reasons that I blog; I have advice people need to see, A great hobby, and It frees my mind.

Everyone has something to say, even if it doesn’t reach out to everyone, it will reach a few people that need to see it. It’s better to help one person, even if a thousand don’t like the post. As long as you help a few people, your blog is worth keeping!

A great hobby is needed in this world. I was lost when I was in writer’s block- it was a depression I couldn’t get over. But when I got over the disease, I felt alive again. I tried everything from shooting hoops to shooting my brother-in-law with a BB gun (Okay! That was fun). Writing is my passion and a great hobby to have!

It frees my mind from the world that I am tortured to live in. It is good to get away from the continuous stress that I am under. It is good to create a character that can do anything he puts his mind to, even if it is dying and coming back from the dead to devour his enemies!

Do views really matter?

Do they truly matter? If Michael Jordan took to heart what his High School coach said, as bloggers take their views, he would have giving up, and we would have never seen the best basketball player in the world win six championships! It is important to remember this: People can’t hold you down! Yes Michael Jordan had the right to give up, he was rejected. But he didn’t, and you saw where that got him, right?

Why should I continue though?

Continue for yourself! As I just said, People can’t hold you down. They are just a number at the end of the day. If you like to write, and you think you are good. Continue to stroke that pen on that paper! If you give up that easily, you were in it for the fame not for the love!

Why am I getting rejected?

You get rejected because the person can’t relate to your beautiful work, there are times where you might need to work on something; Grammar, Wordiness, fact-checking, revision. Most of the time, you went to the wrong person with your work. Remember every artist gets rejected! It is a part of life. You have to take it as constructive criticism and work on what they said they didn’t like. Don’t dwell on what they said though, change your direction and look for someone else to delight with your work.

What should I do after rejection?

I recently got a lot of constructive criticism, I mourned at first, threatened to quit, posted a sad tweet on twitter, then talked to my fiancé. She told me this: “It is constructive criticism, if you need a break, take a break but don’t quit.” she was right; I wasn’t in a place to quit. The Writer wanted me to correct crucial things that affected his plot. How could I argue with that? I weakened his work to make mine better!

I fixed it, but I didn’t send him the final draft. I waited for him to contact me, which took about a day and a half. In that time, I coped and convinced myself that rejection is a part of life. I accepted the fact that he might not use my work.

You should do this; correct your work and send it to the back-burner, until the designated person asks for it again. Don’t force your work on anyone, that’s a way to get the second and last rejection. As you need time, they do to! Don’t re-send unless they ask for it!

Final thoughts?

My final thoughts for all the writers out there that have been dealing with this pain, is this; Don’t give up. Rejection is a sad part of anyone’s life. You will get rejected in everything that you do; never believe you’re not good enough. Pick up that pen and write again. If you need to take a break than do that, but don’t you dare give up!

I hope that every single one of you guys take this advice as you lie on your bed ready to give up.

Thank you-depression101

If you haven’t giving your love to The Chair Click Here (more…)


The Chair! Promotion!

The Kick Start!

The Kick Start!

Are you sick of the same plot in all horror movies, same cliché character development, same ole cinematic jump-scare, and the same horrible ending? Are you truly ready for a change in pace, ready for Hollywood to let go of the same outline? It is happening. I’m going to introduce you to the new generation of scary movies. This movie in-the-making will keep you up, because you will be too scared to close your heavy eye-lids.

If you are looking for the change in pace, look no further, Peter Simeti (President and publisher of Alterna Comics. Specializing in Graphic novels and Digital comics, ext. 2006) has announced that he has teamed up with Erin Kohut to turn his graphing novel The Chair into a cinematic thriller. This project as of right now is an independent film, though it’s an indie film, the chair has a cast that would make anyone want to sponsor it, including:

Bill Oberst Jr (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.) Eric Roberts (Expendables.) Travis Love (The Walking Dead.) Brian Thompson (Terminator.) Noah Hathaway (Battlestar Galactica.) Derrick Damions (white collar.) Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story.) Zach Galligan (Gremlins)

The movie takes place in a prison, where Richard Sullivan(played by Brian Thompson) is wrongly accused of murder and is sentenced to death. He witnesses his inmates getting tortured in the hands of their sick-psychopathic Warden, Enrik. Sullivan decides to take things into his own hands.

In a recent interview with Peter, I had to get in the mind behind this twisted graphic novel and find the inspiration, he stated “I wanted to create something cliché on the surface (Wrongfully imprisoned inmate? Come on, that’s been done a thousand times) but was actually very different than what’s already been done.” This being stated, you can see the pure determination from Peter to bring the world a movie worth watching.

It is very difficult to turn a book into a movie. Details are lost, and most artists lose their point in the transition, but Peter made it clear that he is watching over the script writing tightly. He also said that there have been a few elements added to help make the characters more believable. He told me that with all of the additions that the viewers will definitely love it, as he stated in the interview!

This film will be ready to buy on Dvd in the beginning of 2015 if it reaches their goal of 300,000 dollars. Peter told me that they are planning to film in October, giving them more than enough time to film. This film will be Rated R for: Strong Language, Gore, and Violence. This movie is similar to the fantastic title “Silence of the lambs” and less like the movie “Hostel.” So if you weren’t a fan of the constant sex-scenes in “Hostel” this movie is for you!

Let’s get serious now. This project needs support people that want this project to succeed. In the beginning I was helping because I wanted traffic to my blog, but when I began to read more about The Chair, I fell in love with the idea of a horror movie based in a prison. Now I am willing to donate, will you?

This project needs at least 300,000 Dollars to begin filming; this is only covering the minimal requirements, such as: Acting, filming, editors, and promotions. There is no time to wait, this project joined Kickstarter recently and wants your help! It can be a simple five dollar gift, anything helps! Five dollars is nothing, you spend that in McDonald’s, and Starbucks every day. Take that money and donate it towards this project, make a dream come true!

As Peter said- “If they’re tired of the same kind of horror film, please give “The Chair” a try.  It’s got a non-stop pacing throughout the whole thing, there isn’t an hour of build up where nothing happens and then the last 15 minutes might make up for it.   It’s a horror/thriller that will definitely require a second viewing (or three) ;)”

If you want to donate click the link below! And watch the promotional trailer

(Full trailer will come when goal is met):


The CHAIR: a psychological horror with a fan favorite cast! by Painted Heroes — Kickstarter

Thank you!!!

-Impromt Dude



This is amazing!!!!

The Daily Post

Nothing to write?  Here are five types of posts you can publish right now, no matter your interests or writing style.

1. Your reply to . . .

I keep my eye out for multiple perspectives on a single topic and takes (and takedowns) of widely circulated articles. Consider educator Diane Ravitch’s recent reply to Alexander Nazaryan of Newsweek on comedian Louis C.K. and Common Core standards, which summarizes the article and issue-at-hand before diving into her own discussion points.

Don’t want to address your response to a specific person? Reply to an entity or publication, as Caitlin Constantine at Fit and Feminist did in her post to Self magazine, “Lay off the women in running tutus.” Whether directed to a particular person or an organization, these types of commentaries can be timely reads on trending topics.

2. A timely or thematic list.

Posts written as lists don’t have to be vacuous…

View original post 408 more words

Check out my blog on Thursday!

It’s titled “The Chair” It’s my review of the 2015 film…Thanks to Peter Simeti!

Sneak peak? (more…)

Ep. 10: Nothing Butte Hope                       September 23rd, 2018
He grabs his head and begins to twist it around and around, liking the sound of each tendon ripping from itself, prying the head off the body with each go-around. The head is now off and in the hands of Aeron. Holding up the head, Aeron places his foot on the corpse, showing that he had won.
Aeron stops and looks at the woods, he hears something rustling through the pine trees. He grabs Charley’s gear, and prepares to run as the sound gets louder. Something pushes itself through the branches and hits the ground.
The sign of another zombie freezes Aeron’s body to the point he couldn’t move. The zombie started to crawl towards Aeron, he steadies his aim, ready to shoot, but just as he was about to fire, the crawler changes his direction, going towards Charley’s dead corpse.
The zombie tears away at his stomach, and begins to eat. Aeron slowly moves backwards, hoping the zombie doesn’t chase after him next. He doesn’t, so Aeron begins to limp off, still hearing the zombie snack on Charley.
The snow stops fully, no flakes were making their way to Earth’s surface. It was a miracle, for the first time in months the snow wasn’t falling, but the wind was still blowing had, making it hard for Aeron to see, though he was happy about the snow stopping.
It must have been a sign from the Lord, never being a big believer; he started believing at this second. God must have a plan for Aeron at Butte. Stopping the snow made it safe for Aeron to travel the rest of the way, though it wouldn’t last for long.
Knowing that he didn’t have much time, Aeron made his way through the snow, not able to feel anything from his neck down.
The quite that Aeron liked didn’t last long at all, He sees a zombie in the distance; he caught a glimpse at Aeron. The zombie begins to run towards Aeron. He starts to struggle to get his bow out, as he got the arrow loaded, his foot goes through the ice, with the arrow following. He watched the arrow sink until it disappeared in the abyss.
Aeron quickly pulls his foot out of the Freezing cold water, the wind didn’t make it easy, as it froze the clothe to his leg hair; ripping it out of his flesh as he moves backwards, gaining space between him and the enemy.
The wind quits blowing; Aeron saw this as his one chance to take out the enemy. He pulls out his last arrow, loads it. Taking a deep breathe he lets go of the string. The wind begins to blow hard again. The arrow flies far left, ending up in a tree thirty feet from him.
Aeron pulls out his last weapon, being the rifle that he stole from Charley. With it only having a few shells left, Aeron must make the shot count, no more mistakes. The zombie gets closer; Aeron decides that he would sink the bastard. Aeron shoots the ice in front of him, the zombie falls through the ice, and bobs back to the top, but freezes from the wind.
After making the zombie swim, Aeron runs. Seeing the big hill that Charley warned him about, he knew that he was close. He gets to the hill with no problem and pears over.
He sees a town in the distance. With big walls that had snipers in the corners, two big doors secured by two guards, each with machine guns. On the left, he sees a truck with a mini-gun on the back pointed towards the interstate. It looked like a building from Ancient Rome.
He begins to run down the hill. The action spooked the guards; they quickly pulled their guns to their chest ready to fire at the imposter. Aeron stops and puts his hands up. The guard calls out, and tells Aeron to come closer, but slowly.
The huge wood doors opened, as someone made his way out of the town. He was about 6’3; he has black hair, sun glasses on, musky shave. He looks like a badass!
“Hello traveler, before you enter, answer me two questions?” The old man asked as he got closer.
Aeron nodded.
“How long were you on the road? Have you killed anyone?”
“Four Days!” Aeron paused “And no!” Aeron lies.
“Welcome then! My name is President Kelly.” They shake hands, Aeron enters the town.


Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 9: Victim September 23rd, 2018

“Are you ready to eat?” Charley asks. Aeron stares blankly as he questions himself, “what will this mean for Aeron’s survival, now that his quest has been conquered?

“Yeah, can I ask you something?” Aeron replied as he sits near the fresh fire. Charley indicates for Aeron to ask away.. Aeron clears his throat.

“What are you going to do with me?” Quickly he puts his face down as he expected the response to be as worse as it could get, the response was unexpected.

“You will eat, then head wherever you want, just be careful of the lake after the hill. That’s if you’re going South” Aeron gets up to get some more deer, after finishing his last plate. Charley watches him

“Thank you.” Charley begins to chuckle as he puts another piece of deer in his mouth. “Where are you going?”

“Butte!” Aeron replied “I saw this car on the highway, saying its safe there!”

“That’s about five miles south of here.” Charley exclaimed, giving Aeron hope that his home was almost here!

“Good, then I can get going after I eat?”

“You wish!” Charley grins


“No buts….You’re dead, get some rest tonight. If you run, I’ll find you!”

All the hope that filled Aeron’s soul begins to drain out of his body, as what Charley said hits him. He now knew that he either would have to die, or kill to get out of this jam.

They finished off the deer, with only the bones and the heart left. They would use the bones as close range weapons on their way back to their old camp. Charley informed Aeron that he would take him back; then kill him. This was enough for Aeron to fear going to sleep.

Aeron couldn’t sleep that night, but Charley could. He was out ice cold in a few moments, being in his fifties, Charley was strangely use to the cold.

Aeron sits there with his hands in his lap, thinking about running, but remembers the threat by Charley. He would find Aeron if he ran, the guy was a pro at tracking. He would find Aeron before he could even get to the lake. Then he would kill Aeron even slower for running.

Aeron stretches his back by moving his arms out, not seeing the metal can in front of him, it falls. The noise was loud, it echoed throughout the woods, the sound was followed by the sound of the trees rustling. Aeron looks over to Charley; he didn’t budge from his sleep. Aeron begins to think of his master plan of survival.

Aeron slowly walks up to Charley’s bag, pulls out his Axe and walks away. Moments later, Charley wakes up to Aeron cutting fire wood.

“What the hell are you doing?” Charley awakes.

“The fire got low, sorry!” Aeron arrogantly proclaims.

“Well keep it down, you will attract them things, it is night time. Their senses are higher, dumbass!”

Aeron smiles and continues to hit the tree with the axe, annoying Charley with every swing.

“Bastard” Charley yells and he grabs for his gun, it was gone. Looking back up Charley finds what he’s looking for; Aeron has his target locked in the scope.

“Move; and I shoot!” Aeron smiles

“You don’t have the balls!” Charley laughs and he gets up. “Do it!”

Aeron pulls the trigger, gun powder fills the air. The shell casing slowly hits the snow, making a hissing sound from the heat as it burns away the snow. Charley stands shortly, grabbing his heart from where the bullet just entered. “I will get….” He dies.

Aeron walks over to him, pulling out Charley’s knife; he begins to make an incision on his neck, slowly cutting through Charley’s skin down to the bone. Wanting to give him a taste of his own medicine, Aeron pulls hard on Charley’s hair, soon the head rips from the rest of the corpse. Aeron lifts Charley’s head above his head, signifying that he has beating the enemy.


We only have one more episode left!

Would you like to see this go two seasons?
Leave a comment below!! Or Off with your head!

-Impromt Dude
off with the head

Why to wait for marriage!

I am currently, four short months away from marrying the love of my life, so this post might seem a little strange to my viewers, but stick with me through this. I use to attend this church, it was a great place, but they did say one thing that I didn’t agree with. They thought people should marry so that they wouldn’t fall into lust and have pre-marital sex. Isn’t that the problem though?

I took a step back from the picture of marriage and realized why people weren’t lasting. Each marriage has one of the five problems below! Having a problem with your marriage? Find out why! Want to get married? Wait until you finish this post, to see if you are in the right position to take that kind of step!!

1. Money is the devil of divorce!- An average wedding cost is 25,200. That’s a pretty big chunk of piggy bank change to throw at one ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth it, I don’t think I would put myself in that much debt for one day. Couples fall apart when they begin to stress about debt, and how much they have. It’s smart to save marriage for when you can pay for most of the ceremony with cash.

2. Knowing Love- People marry to make love at times, not to know the power of love. It’s the truth; people don’t care about love anymore. I have heard stories of people that got married because they were tired of being alone. Love no longer has a say in why people get married, it’s the last thing they will check before they get married.

3. Building yourself- I took a full year to think about everything except relationships. It was what I called “Me-time.” It helped me figure out what I needed to work on, and to fix the things that were wrong. With a girlfriend, you form yourself around her. Without knowing yourself you can’t love. You must first love yourself before you can possibly love another human.

4. Enjoy Singleness- For the love of God, please for the sake of the human race, READ THIS! Stop trying to marry your first girlfriend. Stop worrying about trying to be in a relationship, people have over twenty years to marry. So take a step back from the dating scheme and spend time, falling in love with things that you love. More importantly, fall in love with yourself!

5. Live First- This concept is close to number four. When I say live, I mean finish anything that you haven’t. A bucket-list is a great place to start. Have you wanted to go sky-diving? Go! Have you never been fishing? Go! It’s important to have your own memories, some with your friends. So when you get married you can have talks about everything you have done with your life. It will make your marriage more exciting and lively. Live early, make mistakes, and be happy!

It will be better if you take these five things into mind before you tie the knot. Remember that money is the devil, you must know love to get married, building yourself is crucial, enjoy your life while your single, and live! Live! Live! Live while you still have a chance!

Thank you!

-Impromt Dude

Next post: And why I didn’t wait.


Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 8: Chasing, My Dear September 22nd, 2018

Charley didn’t sleep a second, in order to make sure Aeron didn’t move. He kept his shotgun pointed at his back. He didn’t light the fire either, making it unbearable for Aeron to sleep. Aeron lied there clinging onto his blanket.

A tear fell from his cheek as the sun made its way through the grey clouds. The light reflects off of the snow and into his eyes, Aeron squints his eyes from the pain.

Aeron rolls over to avoid the intense pain. Quickly he gets up from the log he was sitting on. He heads over to Aeron throws a heavy coat t him, telling him to put it on. At first Aeron just looks at him, Charles request that Aeron puts on the coat as he turns away.

“We will be leaving in five minutes; it’s about three miles away!”

Aeron grunts thinking about the distance, and his condition. He couldn’t make it a mile, let alone three with a sprung ankle. It isn’t possible.

“I can’t. I hurt my ankle.”

Charley stops, and puts the end of his gun in the ground. Charley stares at him as an indication to do as he says. Though he didn’t want to Aeron got up and told him he would be fine to travel. Charley then nods his head in approval.

“Well then, you better hope you can limp!” Charley pushes the tent door out of his way.

Charley reappears, holding a bow and arrow, with an axe on his back, he looked tougher now, like a barbarian ready to battle. His lack of sleep caused black pockets under his eyes, making him appear even scarier.

“What is all that for?” Aeron asks.

“The bow is for you, the axe is to cut down a tree for firewood tonight.”

Aeron gets up from the ground and walks over and grabs the bow from Charley, smiling he tells him “I have always wanted to shoot one of these!”

“Gosh dangit! You have never shot a bow? I’m screwed!” Charley walks away.

Aeron stares at his movement in amazement. How big of a prick can one person be? What could Aeron do about never being able to shoot a bow? Most importantly does this mean that he is off the hook?

The answer came quickly when Charley came back out of his tent holding his double barrel shotgun “Come on.”

They begin to head south at a fast pace, Aeron grasping the bow, is trying to keep up, but doesn’t keep up. They walk for almost three hours, Aeron limping the whole way, nearly crying from the aching pain.

“Here.” Charley screamed.

The area was beautiful; there are over a hundred trees, crammed into each other. It’s amazing how nature works, that the trees can be crammed in so tightly, yet at the same time look even prettier than ones that are spread apart.

From the spot Aeron stood, he spotted a gorgeous black dotted doe. Aeron was in awe at the sight.

“You see that?” Aeron says to Charley, pointing in the direction of the doe. “Go ahead and shoot him with the bow!” Charley demanded.

Aeron starts to walk up the way, as he passes the first tree; a Zombie pops out and grabs Aeron.

Aeron fights him off, pulls out one of his arrows and shoves it through his skull, blood splatters everywhere.

Charley begins to laugh hysterically.

“What the hell?” Aeron throws his bow at Charley, “that could of killed me!”

Charley continues to laugh as he tosses back Aeron’s bow. “Kill him!”

Aeron takes the bow, loads it, and shoots at the deer. The first one misses, again Aeron takes a shot. This time the arrow went into the deer’s leg. The deer flops to the ground, flipping his head back and forth.

Charley runs to the deer, pulls out his hunting knife that he keeps in his gorgeous green multi-pocket jacket, and cut his throat. Aeron looks away, he couldn’t watch the kill.

Charley looks at him, pulls the deer up. There was blood smeared on his face.

“Are you hungry?”untitledzombie

Night Crawlers Journals

Ep. 7: Friendly Fire September 21st, 2018

Aeron wakes up, opening his eyes slightly. Closing his eyes, Aeron hopes for a few more seconds of sleep, but his body wouldn’t let him. The cold bitter wind pierced his bare back, feeling like a thousand needles.

He pushes the blanket back over his back and wraps tighter, but nothing was working. The wind continues to pull the blanket off. He gets up, pushing the pile of snow off of his blanket that fell over the night

He twist his body around to look at the beautiful fire, to see that it has went out. He sighs as he blew hot air into his hands to get them warm.

Getting his hands to bearable heat, Aeron realizes that he is still alone, that the murderer didn’t come back to kill him, he decides to search the rest of the camp.

He makes his way over to the tent, hoping to find some kind of food in the blue ice cooler. As he unzips the tent, he feels an object pressed against his back.

“Step back, son!” an old male demanded

His voice sounded southern, a accent that Aeron hasn’t heard in a long time. In Dummond he was told that Texas was infected and that they were going to be heading up the country. He always questioned why they would want to come to the colder region, but he was always stumped by the phrase “Everywhere is cold!”

“Sir, this isn’t what it looks like” Aeron said

“It looks like you want something of mine, am I right?”

“No! I just need food.” Aeron turns around slowly as he raises his hands in surrender, the man smiles.

“Well I got no food, I missed my chance, well I do got that girl?”

“You monster” Aeron shouts.

“She tried to loot me, I raped and killed her!”

The old male starts to walk towards Aeron, Aeron steps back each time. The male gets up to Aeron and puts out his hand. Aeron flinches.

“My name is Charley, people called me Crazy Charles, well before this shit, ya’know.”

“I wonder why!” Aeron smarted off.

“You got jokes! Just remember who has the gun!”

Aeron quickly says sorry, and shakes his hand. Charley begins to examine Aeron’s wound from the Crawler days earlier. He steps back in horror, nearly falling.

“You infected, boy?” Charley pushes Aeron away from him, then pulls out his gun and puts it to Aeron’s face.

“Dude, it’s from the crawler’s fingers, chill!” The man circles around him, moving his eyes up and down Aeron’s body. Aeron stands as still as he can, but the wind is still blowing, making it hard for him to not shiver.

Charley lowers the gun and looks into Aeron’s eyes, seeing that he was sincerely telling the truth, he begins to talk.

“I lost a deer! You will help me, or I will kill you. You have enough meat for them lunatics to eat; that’s if we get caught” A dark laugh leaves his mouth.

“You’re going to use me as bait, you dick!”

Aeron throws a solid punch, forcing Charley to the ground. Anger was controlling Aeron’s actions, he wasn’t about to let some old man use him as zombie bait! Charley wipes off his mouth, and quickly grabs Aeron’s feet and throws him to the ground.

Charley grabs his neck and squeezes tightly “You really want to die, don’t you?”

Aeron looks into his eyes as he struggles to breathe, they were black. Aeron didn’t know what this guy’s story was, but just by the look of his eyes, he didn’t want to.

Charley stops squeezing, takes Aeron’s long black hair and pulls it bring Aeron’s head off the ground, then slams it back down. The impact leaves Aeron struggling to move.

“You will help me with my deer, than I will kill you, you hear me?”

Charley sits on the wood, watching Aeron still struggle to catch his breath.

Why people only go to church on Easter

With Easter behind us, I wanted to take a look at something that use to bother me, majorly. Have you ever noticed that everyone goes to church on Easter and Christmas, yet fail to attend the rest of the year?

I have put together five good reasons of why people only go to church on Easter and Christmas, Enjoy!

1. Their kids-I have seen parents go from partiers to saints, once they have kids! They want the best for their kids, so they send them to church. Then on Easter/Christmas, the kids drag their parents to church, as they did to them, to make them watch their program. Whether it is an egg hunt, or the birth of Jesus play. Parent’s hearts will melt as they see their child playing the part!

2. Their family- I remember when my grandmother would attend my church with me and my dad, only on Easter or Christmas. With Holidays that are special, I have found that you want to spend them with people that are special to your heart also.

3. Convenience- Before I had a job, I use to love to get up bright-and-early and rush to church. But now I open my store every Sunday, making it impossible to go to church on Sundays. On top of that I also have to close my store on Wednesdays, ruining my plans to go to Mid-week service also.

Since most people are off of work during the holidays, that’s when they get their suits on and attend a church that their jobs keep them from the rest of the year. With many different service times, this becomes very easy!

4. Not use to going every Sunday- I was listening to the news and they began to talk about how people use to only attend church every other week. This makes sense; people haven’t been taught that going to church every-week is needed, so they only go when there are special services.

5. Nicer Church Goers on Easter- I wanted to save this for the end so I could spend just a few more words.

I use to be the greeter at my church, the intern, the cleaner, the sound booth technician, the computer runner and a strong part of the prayer team.

Each Easter/Christmas I would get specific instructions: “Make the people feel like they are the only thing that matters, besides Jesus.” Meaning, ‘You better make them come back!’

Churches will make special arrangements to cater the one time goers, so they can feel obligated to enter the building the next week, and it works!

People love to feel wanted; they want the attention of another human being.

So when a church puts four greeters at the door, every person gets a warm hug and a friendly smile, making it pleasant to be at church.

You might not be a church goer, but when your family is in town, your kids have a program, or it’s convenient to go. You find yourself sitting glassy eyed in the back pew, regretting not grabbing that coffee at Casey’s, listening to the preacher tell you wonderful news, that Jesus is Risen!!

Thank you,

Impromt Dude!

Impromt’s Top Ten Next Post: Waiting on marriage!